Meet Dr. Vee



Health is my passion.  I am constantly reading, researching and attending courses to learn how I can enhance the health of myself, my patients and my family.   This course is a culmination of learnings accumulated over a lifetime.  It is broken down into simple, easy steps.  

Having previously bought online courses myself, I am familiar with the feeling of overwhelm and failure that comes with not being able to commit to making many changes at once or not having the time to invest.

This course requires only a small amount of energy each week,  follow along at a pace that suits you!

About Dr Vee

When I am not seeing patients at my clinic I am busy in my roles of business owner, Mother of three boys, wife and homemaker.  If you'd like to find out more about what I do take a listen to my podcast, Mind Body Mouth, on i tunes, Spotify and Stitcher and other podcast platforms

I am passionate about sharing my health knowledge and empowering those around me to live their best lives.  Every year I undertake hundreds of hours of continuing education to ensure my knowledge is continually updated.